Kelly Leeuw


Kelly M. Leeuw loved watching television and always aspired to be ‘on T.V’ as she continuously mentioned to her family. Throughout her schooling career Kelly was apart of every Arts & Culture play whether it was behind the scenes planning or within the scene.
Her love for Films and Television Shows only grow stronger when a whole knew world was introduced at AFDA, 2011.

As an aspiring Producing, Kelly’s strongest assets are organizing and executing any project on a timeous fashion. She’s worked on various Television Formats when employed at Media 24 in 2015 and continued as a Production Manager at Tribal Media House. She currently manages a very well known Photographer, Austin Malema and plans to grow his brand to higher heights.

Kelly believes that Images and Video Content is a big influencing mechanism in today’s society and wants to be involved in shaping tomorrows future through the various platforms that people consume content.